99 Blackberries

99 Blackberries

Chill. Shoot. Smile. Just like tasting wild blackberries when you are out for a walk in the woods.

Blackberry velvet berries

Velvet Berries

Black & Bubbly

Pour 1.5 oz of 99 Blackberries over 4-5 ounces of chilled champagne in a flute or coupe style glass

Velvet Berries

1.5 oz (or 50ml bottle) of 99 Blackberries

1 oz. white chocolate liqueur

Mixed and stirred in a shot glass and served chilled.

Blackberry Lust

1.5 oz (or 50 ml bottle) of 99 Blackberries

4 oz chilled cream

Stir in a cocktail glass and serve chilled or over ice


99 Blackberries